Mike’s Memo: The .1 percent of the .1 percent

I think I got my position at iSentium as a fluke.  Well maybe not. You be the judge. Cast your vote at the end.

When I first met iSentium CEO Gautham Sastri, I was teaching his two boys how to swim and we all were having a blast. We never talked about his work or my background. Just about kid stuff. And I knew nothing at all about Artificial Intelligence.



I don’t know what I said or what I did but somehow I convinced Gautham that I would be a suitable personal trainer for him…even though I had never done it before.

And so it all began.

I was always on time to our training sessions and I was always prepared. I found it funny that sometimes he would text to let me know he was running 90 seconds late. But I did not know about his real obsession for precision until one day he saw a plate at our workout and said, “The math is wrong. 11.3 KG does not equal 25.” And in fact, he was right. 11.3 KG equals 24.91224



Then one night after training he asked me if I was free the following night to meet about a job. Like a job job with his company, iSentium.

Here’s what he knew (and perhaps why I was being considered):

-Mike is the fastest butterfly swimmer in the United States over 50.

-Mike comes prepared.

-Mike is consistent.

-Mike knows what it takes to win.


The next night we met for 4 hours. Yes I got grilled for most of time. But not as much as the next day when we met for 7 hours. He made me an offer. I accepted.

Gautham Bike


“You want to know why I hired you?” he asked.

“I hired you because you’re a winner. I like to work with winners.”

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